• A community in creation
    Anchored by an unmistakable work of art, Silo Bend continues to rise


    It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. In The Nations, an abandoned grain silo has become the anchor of a diverse, thriving community—thanks to the breathtaking 15-story mural that now adorns its sides.


    On one side, there's a larger-than-life portrait of long-standing resident Lee Estes, or “LD” as the community calls him, paternally watching over his neighborhood. Just behind him, two little boys face away from the viewer and toward Mr. Estes, symbolizing their boundless potential.

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    In a way, the neighborhood that's taking shape under Mr. Estes' watchful eye is a reflection of the mural itself. Like an artist who knows what the finished painting will look like and plans brushstrokes in service of that vision, Nashville-based developer Southeast Venture has big plans for the community.


    Already, you can see cottages, apartments, and single-family homes in various stages of construction or operation in the midst of the industrial landscape. Meanwhile, a slate of modern, upscale condominiums sold out well before their projected completion by the end of 2019.


    Fittingly, the community also shares its name with its striking landmark: It's called Silo Bend.


    Eventually, the city council plans to transform the area into an an entire arts district, and it's well on the way. One of the most ambitious pieces of Silo Bend's master plan is the highly-anticipated Silo Studios. The adaptive reuse project from Flyway SC will convert an abandoned lumber mill on the Silo Bend property into a trendy industrial-inspired mall. Silo Studios will bring retail, restaurants, boutiques, and office space to Silo Bend.


    "We were drawn to the authenticity of the existing structures,” Flyway SC's president, Lindsay Nevin, told the Nashville Post. “We want to save and highlight these elements in the final design. We have been successful with this approach in other adaptive re-use projects in other cities. We are very excited to become The Nations’ newest neighbor.”

    The cutting-edge project is sure to skyrocket demand for other properties—everyone who's anyone will want a piece of Silo Bend. The diverse cadre of artists, musicians, and young professionals in the neighborhood inspired one of the developers to call the community his favorite project to date.

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    "It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be."
    -J.K. Rowling



    For those in search of their place in Nashville life, and ready for a place of their own, there's no better place to call home than Silo Bend.


    Soon, the next chapter will begin here, and this one's designed to offer young buyers their chance to be part of Silo Bend's story. In 2021, a new phase called Silo West will bring 169 modern, affordable condominiums to the neighborhood.


    "2021 has arrived and the progress in amazing to see," said Brian Stoltzfus, a partner and agent with Village Real Estate. "We're already hearing from buyers who missed out on the condos at Silo House in Phase 1 and want to know more about Silo West. People are thrilled they'll have another shot to join this amazing, growing community. I'd encourage anyone who's interested to make the jump as soon as possible."


    Part of Silo West's allure is that, unlike other developments in Music City, these condos are part of a multi-stage "master plan." All it takes is one look around the existing neighborhood to see just how impressive the return on a buyer's investment will be.


    Like the incredibly popular Silo House condominiums already on site, the new phase of Silo West condos will feature a clean, simple design, complete with timeless hardwood floors, high-end quartz countertops, and modern 12x24 tiles.


    In addition to all that the Silo Bend community itself has to offer, tenants at Silo West will enjoy being just a few blocks from local favorites like Frothy Monkey, Project 615, and Nicky's Coal Fired.


    "Silo Bend is such a unique, eclectic community," said Stoltzfus. "People who have lived in The Nations for decades have rallied around this project, and they're excited to see what happens next. As each phase of Silo Bend wraps up, everyone welcomes the newest residents like long-lost friends. It's really cool to see the neighborhood come together like that."

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    Become a part of the story while it is just beginning.